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My name is Ab Qayoom Dar. I am from Chrari Shareef Area of Budgam district. I am a farmer by profession and I earn my bread and butter by tilting lands.

On the 15th of July, 2015 I started feeling pain in my left shoulder that stretched down to the entire arm. At first I ignored it and thought that it may be due to some muscle pull but the pain got severe day by day. I took some home remedies which proved to be of some relief initially.

Then, on the second day of Eid, the pain worsened and I started to lose feeling in my arm. It did not start abruptly but the process was slow but continuous.I finally decided to see a doctor. I went to a local doctor who advised me to give it a hot water bath and hold a hot water bottle in my arm pit. He also gave me some pain killers. That was of some sort of relief, but the pain and numbness was there. Ultimately, there came a day when I lost the consciousness in my arm and it turned dysfunctional.

I was very frustrated and disappointed with myself. I thought my body was over. I was being paralyzed. I lost hope and started to cry. I could not do any work in the fields and that was affecting my family life as I could not meet both the needs of my own self as well as of my family. I had no option before me and I gradually started to deteriorate.

Then a friend of mine suggested me to visit Noora Hospital. He told me that they have multi-specialty departments and that he was sure that they will have a cure of my problem. Without a second that, I directly went to the Noora Hospital, even if it was miles away from my hope.

There I was firstly examined by many doctors of different fields and finally my case was handed over to Dr. Natiq, the HoD Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department.

My treatment , at Noora Hospital, began on 09th Dec 2015 and I am receiving. From the first day, I realized that they have professional attitude towards their work. Dr. Natiq advised me some tests which I underwent and once he had a clear picture of my problem, there was no looking behind. I was made to do many exercises and physiotherapy sessions and day by day I started to get well. Today I can lift my arm at ease and I can do my work. There is a bit of muscle stiffness still, but that is a minor issue and I am sure that Noora hospital will eradicate this stiffness in no time with their efficient and dedicate staff.

Lastly, I am very thankful to the team at Noora Hospital who treated me with care and made me recover when I had lost all hopes. Thank you Noora Hospital for being there. You have done a great job. I wish you best of luck in future.


Patient : Ab Qayoom Dar



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