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Clinical Specialities
Nutrition & Dietetics Department


The team at Noora Hospital Nutrition and Dietetics Department provides nutrition and dietetic services to patients and caters in inpatient, outpatient and community.

We aim to empower our patients and carers with skills and knowledge to make appropriate dietary choices and nutrition goals according to their medical conditions.


The dietetic services provided by the Nutrition and Dietetics Department are mainly focused on supporting the care of our patients in the hospital within multidisciplinary teams. The nutrition therapy provided is dependent on the patients’ medical conditions, nutrition issues, and the nature and complexity of care required.

Any healthcare professionals can identify and suggest patient to the doctor for a dietitian referral. Only the doctor can raise a referral to the dietitian.

Upon referral, the dietitian will perform an initial nutritional assessment and derive a nutrition care plan based on the diagnosed nutrition issues. Patient and caregiver will also receive nutrition education and counselling, where indicated, based on the individual nutritional care plan to meet the nutritional goals.

Patient’s nutritional progress will be monitored, and reassessed at regular intervals, to meet the individualised nutritional goals. Inpatients requiring outpatient follow-up after discharge will be given outpatient dietitian appointments. If patient is discharged to an intermediate or long term care facility, a memorandum on the nutritional care plan will be provided.

We provide assistance to patients with the following conditions:

Cancers:- Our hospital is a premeire institute in cacer diagnosis and treatment. We have a specialised department for different types of cancers that are prevalent. While treating cancer, it is of utmost importance that tere shoukld a healthy supportive diet. Thats where the dietetic department comes into play. We provide the dietry support in a way that the patient can recover quickly. The some of the main cancers we treat are of head, neck, stomach, colon, liver etc. on surgical, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments

Critical:-  The mechanical ventilation requires a non-oral nutrition. This, if not taken seriously, can have devastating effects. Thats where we help the patients in the form of an non-oral diet.

Gastrointestinal disease:- We have a well maintained Gastro department that looks after the patients with stomach and digestion related problems. While we focus on treating different types of Gastro problems, our dietitic team helps us in maintaining the diet levels of the patients.

Diabetes mellitus:- Diabetes in a much common disease these days and it is researched that one out of every four people suffer from this disease. Keeping in view the implications of this disease, we cater to the patients in a way that is more pro-active. We get to the bottom of the disease and also develop a diet plan for our patients that is favourable for them.

Eating disorders:- Having a lot of junk in the market, the eating habits of people have become more of an unhealthy type. This has created many problems, which include the eating disorders. With out diet team we help people get back to the track of healthy eating.

Hypertension (high blood pressure):-In case of a hypertension, the intake of a diet plays an important role. The fluctuation of blood pressure is directly proportional to the kind of food take. So, there is a great need to focus on the dietry aspect of treatment. Our dietry team ensures that evry patient gets the salts as desired by his/her body.

Heart failure:- The case of heart failure is indeed serious and the recory does take a while. There are many things to be considered while treating a heart failure and an appropriate diet is one of them.

Hyperlipidemia (high blood cholesterol):- This is a common problem in todays pace paced but inactive lifestyle. The amount of fat you take decides your cholestrol level. If someone is treat for thuis, he/she is in great need of a dietician.

There are many such diseases which needs a proper diet plan for its redressal. Some more are as:


Kidney disease:- It includes chronic kidney disease, pre-dialysis, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, kidney stone etc.

Malnutrition:- It can be diagnosed by the loss of appetite, poor diet, unintentional weight loss etc.

Weight management:- The some of the examples are overweight, underweight etc.


Tube feeding:- These include nasogastric, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), and etc.

Some dietitians within the team also serve as food service consultants. They are involved in guidelines development for hospital therapeutic diets and work closely with Food and Beverage Services to ensure diet provision caters to different medical conditions and nutritional needs of patients.


Dietitians are involved in research to support evidence-based practice. Relevant nutrition and dietetics related projects are planned, collaborated, facilitated and conducted to enhance patient care and service delivery.

Feel free to get in touch with the   Nutrition & Dietetics   Department for any medical or consultation support.
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