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Clinical Specialities
Oncology (Cancer Care) Department



Oncology,   the study of Cancer of and Tumors, has made significant progress in the prevention, treatment and prognosis of Cancers. Oncology is the field of medicine that is devoted to Cancer. Consists of three(3) primary disciplines.

1.   Medical Oncology (The treatment of medicine, including Chemotherapy)

2.   Surgical Oncology (The surgical aspects of Cancer including Biopsy, Staging and Surgical Resection of Tumors)

3.   Radiation Oncology (Treatment of Cancer with Therapeutic Radiations)

Surgical Oncology Department is the highest standard of Specialty Patient Care at the most crucial times. Surgical Oncologists brings the power and resources of a world class network to bear for patients fighting against Cancer. They use the latest in pharmaceutical and leading, edge technologies.

Noora Hospital offers comprehensive facilities for management of cancer patients in the superspeciality areas of Surgical and Medical Oncology. The hospital is in the process of installing cutting-edge technology in Radiation Oncology equipment.

The Department of Surgical Oncology is capable of performing a diverse range of oncological surgeries in the areas of Head & Neck cancer, Breast cancer, Soft Tissue Sarcomas, Gastrointestinal malignancies and Gynecological cancers. The Department of Surgical Oncology is ably supported by the multi-disciplinary environment of the hospital providing orthopedic, reconstructive, facio-maxillary, thoracic, urological,gastroenterological and endocrine surgical care. The hospital also provides the finest equipment and qualified staff in its world class operating theatres and intensive care units making surgery safe for the patient.

Noora Hospital conducts O.P.D. for Surgical Oncology and Medical Oncology all six days a week and is backed by high end diagnostic and state-of-the-art Radiology and a modern Blood Bank.

Our Surgical Oncologists use the latest Cancer Diagnosis Technology, which offer the patient an accurate analysis of his/her condition.

Medical Patients have an access to ground breaking pharmaceutical and immunological therapies as well as biological-targeted and genetically designed medicine. This allows for personalized treatment on a molecular level and helped to establish us one of the most innovative and advanced Cancer Care Centre in the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Feel free to get in touch with the   Oncology (Cancer Care)   Department for any medical or consultation support.
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