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About Noora Hospital

At Noora Hospital, we believe that prayers are the strogest way of healing a disease. Prayers can do miracles. We believe that our Lord sees listens to us. If we ask him, he gives in many ways. He is the creator and healer of all the diseases.

At the time of any ailment, both the patient and the relatives need to invike the Almighty to bestow his mercy and remove their problems. Medicine and prayers, if they go hand in hand, can do wonders and can solve any problems.

With this view we have set aside a section, at the top of the hospital, as a prayer room. In the prayer room people pray five times a day. There is a separate area for ablution also, which is neat and clean and has a regular supply of hot and cold water.

The prayer room is never closed. It is open 24x7 for the visitors. It is thought as a pure place were the askers can ask anything to their Lord.



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