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About Noora Hospital

As one of the top private hospitals in the valley, Noora Hospital Emergency provides you the highest levels of skill, expertise and infrastructure. Our strategies are designed to respond quicker, and have done that, with the best of our capabilities, in the past. We actively think of our multi-specialty character to deliver the crucial edge in emergency care.

In case of any emergency, saving time is the first step in saving lives. Our Ambulance Services are used when there is a requirement of a speedy transport of any critical patient. They are also of great usage when the patient is in a crowded area and time is critical. The sophisticated system fit in our ambulances let them move freely and at an ease.

We have always strived to be the best in the field and taking that to a further step we provide on call assistance with ambulances. With some minimal charges, one can book an ambulance and let the crowd not block his/her way in treatment.

We have a 24x7 emergency and the ambulance is a part of that. Call us any time and book an ambulance.




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